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Did you know you could be losing up to 25% heat loss in your home due to inadequate or no insulation? Now can you imagine what new loft insulation could do for your energy bills? Installing insulation to the latest standards could help you save up to £200 pounds!

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On some occasions we can offer free loft insulation government grants subject to criteria.

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How much does it cost install loft insulation?

This would depend on the size of your loft area, however, most of the time we can give you an estimated quote over the phone by using information found on your properties EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).

Insulation Direct may also be able to offer free ECO grants by taking advantage of the Government’s ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme. This funding could see you have most or all of your insulation paid for. Contact us and find out if you’re eligible today.

How does ECO funding work?

As an energy saving company we are partnered up to some of the largest energy companies in the UK who have an obligation to provide energy efficiency measures. This obligation was implemented by the UK Government. Depending on the latest ECO scheme criteria, Insulation Direct can install free or discounted Eco loft insulation. All of the funding is claimed in the background for you and should a claim be accepted, we can install your Eco Loft Insulation supplied and fitted.

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How long does installation take?

This all depends on your loft size and access to the loft its self, however, we aim to complete your work within a few hours of arriving.

Do surveys cost me?

No, we offer a free no obligation survey to see if you require any loft insulation in your home. We will give you all the information on recommendations to allow you to make the decision to continue.

I already have some insulation in the loft but it is not very thick, will this have to be removed or can it be topped up?

Any existing insulation can be left in the loft and an additional layer added to it to bring it up to the required minimum thickness.

Can I have all my old insulation removed?

Yes, we offer a clear-out service to remove all of your old insulation first and lay brand new ECO friendly Loft Insulation. Our clear-out service includes removal and disposal of your old insulation.

What is the best loft insulation to use?

All lofts can vary in shapes and sizes, this can mean different products are suited for different roof spaces. The most common ECO friendly loft insulation is Knauf Earthwool which is a none irritant mineral wool. Earthwool offers the same effect like any other product but more environmentally friendly.

We have a wide range of products we can offer you, whether it is a cheap loft insulation to a more premium, we can meet the needs of your budget.

Which areas do we cover?

Insulation Direct cover most parts of England, Scotland & Wales. Please see our coverage map for more information. Check now.

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