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Free Boiler Funding

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Free Boiler Funding

Thanks to the government’s energy efficiency goals, people all over the country may be able to have a new boiler installed in their home free of charge or at a heavily discounted rate.

Essentially, the newer the boiler, the more efficient it’ll be, so it’s in the government’s best interests that your home is an energy-saving machine!

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Who qualifies for Free Boiler Funding?

Currently if you receive the correct combination of income-related benefits such as tax credits, income support, Universal Credit, Pension Credit, ESA or JSA, then you could have your old boiler replaced with a brand new boiler for little, to no cost.

As well as receiving the correct combination of benefits, your current gas boiler must be at least over 6 years old.

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Boilers are available on ECO funding and Dual-measures. Check if you are eligible today.

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NEW: Spray Foam

Insulation Direct Ltd have recently invested in a new spray foam insulation. With this new spray foam method, we now have the abilty to expand our current insulation methods to a new, cleaner and energy efficient system. Not only does this expand out portfolio but it also opens up new avenues to begin Cavity Wall Insulation, Garage Roof Insulation and more.

Keep an eye out for a new webpage with all the informaiton on spray foam and how it could imporove your homes heatloss problenms better than other standard methods.

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