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Did you know you could be losing up to £2000 on your energy bills due to heat loss? A Room in Roof is typically an attic room on a bungalow or house with a narrow staircase leading to it. Most attics and rooms in the roof are often untouched from the day they were constructed and are either not insulated or inadequately insulated compared to current building regulations. This can leave them too cold in winter and uncomfortably warm in the summer.

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On some occasions we can offer free Room in Roof Insulation government grants subject to criteria.

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What is Room in Roof Insulation?

Room in Roof Insulation (Attic Insulation) also known as Roof Space Insulation is defined as a room in the roof area with fixed staircase and 1 or more windows. Room in Roofs usually have no insulation within the walls which can cause large amounts of heat loss in your home.

Roof Space Insulation is consists of various thermal boards that are cut to size and fed and placed up under the existing plasterboard between your roof rafters. The next step is placing insulated plasterboard onto the walls and re-plastering. This process will then create a thermal barrier which helps trap heat inside your home.

  • Traps heat in your home.
  • Helps prevent uncomfortable temperatures in summer.
  • Reduces energy bills.
  • Improves your properties EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and value.

How much does it cost install Room in Roof insulation?

This would depend on many factors, however, we offer a free no obligation survey to estimate the costs for you. Our qualified surveyor will talk you through all the process and give you energy saving advice.

Insulation Direct may also be able to offer grants by taking advantage of the Government’s ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme. This funding could see you have most or all of your insulation paid for. Contact us today and find out if you’re eligible.

Can anyone claim grants?

Roof Space Insulation grants can be received by anyone that meet the ECO scheme criteria, even if you are a Homeowner, Tenant or Landlord.

How does ECO funding work?

Insulation Direct will first carry out a survey to ensure your loft meets the ECO funding criteria. We will then ask you for some details to access your grant. Next, we will move on to installation of your Room in Roof insulation.

Our easy process means we do all the work for you, from claiming your grant to the insulation install. Find out more about ECO funding.

How long does installation take?

Room in Roof Insulation (Roof Space Insulation) times can depends on your room size and access to the walls but we aim to give you full clarity when surveying your property.

Do surveys cost me?

No, we offer a free no obligation survey to see if you require any insulation in your home. We will give you all the information on recommendations to allow you to make your own decision.

Which areas do we cover?

Insulation Direct cover most parts of England, Scotland & Wales. Please see our coverage map for more information. Check now.

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Room In Roof Insulation
Room In Roof Insulation


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